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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cheesy Roasted Broccoli Patties (via Po' Man Meals)

cheesy roasted broccoli patties - original site/recipe/pictures can be found with this link

So here it is, Saturday afternoon, and I'm looking through the fridge searching for something my husband and I can both eat.  He's napping, but I know his food preferences and I know he'll wake up hungry and I don't have long to find a snack.  The giant Coscto bag of fresh broccoli in our fride was something he bought for me, and would never touch... or would he? 

Broccoli is my favorite food. Broccoli pizza is actually my favorite meal, but I love broccoli all by itself. I like to puree it with chicken broth and eat it like soup.  The Old Spaghetti Factory (Concord, CA) has a broccoli appetizer with browned butter and mizithra cheese - probably the least healthy way to enjoy your broccoli, but still amazing!

The photos on the original site turned out prettier, but here's my product!
I grabbed my ipad and searched "broccoli recipes".  The third image to appear caught my eye and I found what I was looking for. Something that Casey might enjoy with me, and something that is still a healthy, tasty looking meal: Cheesy Roasted Broccoli Patties. 

I strayed very little from the original recipe.  I used elephant garlic cloves instead of regular garlic cloves.  (So instead of adding two cloves of garlic, I added the equivalent of 8 small cloves). Found the elephant garlic on a drive home from Reno last weekend and I've been amazing myself with it all week.  I also used more broccoli than the recipe asked for.  Not on purpose, I just didn't have a 12 oz package so I eyeballed what I thought 12 oz was. My patties kind of crumbled for it, but I feel like it healthied up the recipe a little and it was still great. Lastly, I cooked at 430 degrees instead of 400. After 15 minutes of cooking you turn the patties over and cook another 15 minutes.  By the end, both sides of my patties were perfectly browned and the product was crunchy and delicious.

It was an easy recipe to follow, didn't take long, and Casey enjoyed it as much as I did. Cheese makes everything go down easier I think. Check out the link at the top to the original site for recipe and a more-appealing picture of the final product.  Check out the video below to see my cat Phyllis eating broccoli (steamed, with no cheese).

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